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What is?

What is?

Oral sex (read more...)

Oral sex
I'll caress the inside of your thighs with my tongue... getting ever closer to your balls, not leaving out a single square inch of your skin. I'll devote my attention first to one, then the other one of your balls, and the more you grow inside my mouth, the hornier and sluttier I get, swallowing you all the more lasciviously. I want to take your whole cock in my mouth and feel like a whore, concentrating only on the blow job I'm giving you. I'll treat your glans, I'll switch between innocent licks and hot sucks, my hand will trace your chest, your balls... my eyes will suck you in, while you watch me swallow your cock whole and stick a finger up your arse...
I want to enslave you with my mouth and have you obey my tongue, I want to drive you crazy delaying your release. I love feeling your cock in my mouth and feel it grow ever longer and harder... I love to feel your first drops of cum spill into my mouth and mix with my spit, while I suck on you like possessed, waiting for the rest of your spill.
Excerpt taken from Laura Fornes' blog: "The sluttiest of all ladies"

Oral Sex:

Stimulating a partner's sex with my mouth is one of the ways I most enjoy breaking the ice on the way to total sexual joy...

I love it as foreplay... it goes without saying that I give oral sex to both men and women!

I also love to receive it!! It's a divine pleasure to caress your partner's head as he (or she!) strives to provoke pleasurable feelings... I love to have a drink or smoke a cigar while I let you drink from my sex juices.


Also called fellatio in latin, it's a form of oral sex that consists of licking and sucking the male partner's penis with the other's mouth. It can be performed on by one or more partners on the receiver. A blow-job can end with swallowing of the cum, though this is not a recommended practice because of the risk of STDs.

Gia's version:

I grab your dick without hesitation... and run my tongue up and down the whole length, at first slowly, all the while covering it with a fair amount of spit to enhance your sensations.

I like reaching the base of your penis with my tongue, caressing your balls and your inner thighs. You set the rhythm, with your hands on my head you gently hold me back or encourage me... I obey!

Here's some variations on oral sex. I love them all!!!

Fellatio in coitus (in threesomes)

You can choose to include a third partner into our games. THe third person could act as a servant, giving oral sex to one and the other while we are fucking away.

Face fucking

This is a variation on the usual blow-job, where the one receiving oral sex becomes the active part by moving his penis in and out of the giver's mouth. He positions himself either on top or at the side of the giver, who usually either lies down or kneels and generally remains passsive. In old Rome, face fucking was considered a type of humiliation, as evidenced by some pornographic graffiti on Pompeii's ruins, and in the Priapeia.


The term humming, when applied to oral sex, means to emit a low frequency sound while giving any type of oral sex to a male or female. This produces a stimulation similar to that given by a vibrator.


During the sexual practice of 69, the two partners are lying side by side or one on op of the other, with each one's head pointing towards the other's feet, thus enabling both to give their partner oral sex at the same time. The name is a humorous play on the shape of the arabic characters for the numbers 6 and 9, which are basically the same but turned by 180º.

Double blow-job

A double blow-job is two partners giving a male a blow-job simultaneously. While one works on the shaft, the other can work the testicles, the scrotum, the arse... let your imagination run free! A double blow-job can be combined with a 69.

Don't forget that a man's scrotum is an important erogenous zone; it contracts during excitation and acts in unison with the penis during ejaculation.


The word is latin and combines the terms cunnus (wedge, vulva) and lingus (tongue). It consists of stimulating a woman's sexual organs (labia, entrance to the vagina and, especially, the clitoris) with lips, tongue and mouth.

For a better hygiene, I have my pussy cleanly shaved at all times, and of course I wash thoroughly before and after every sexual tussle

I am very well versed in giving females wonderful oral sex... I can teach you the secrets of giving oral pleasure to women while sharing some time with another woman....

Come and let me fall at your feet and give you ecstatic sensations with the part of my body I value the most... my tongue!

Tantric sex (read more...)

Tantric sex

“I honour the place in you in which the entire Universe dwells, I honour the place in you which is of Love, of Integrity, of Wisdom and of Peace. When you are in that place in you, and I am in that place in me, we are One.”


Tantric sex, Tantra...

Tantra is a martial art of the spirit, which is exercised by will, a continuous training of the mind...

The word TANTRA originates from two terms of the ancient Indian tongue Sanskrit:

"Tanoti", which means "expansion"

"Trayoti", which means "liberation"

Tantra implies a whole art ob being... of whole way of living one's life and of cultivating love with deep wisdom...

Women are the real mistresses of Tantra... it is she who, in order to master sensuous sex, has to achieve full awareness of her seductive power over men.

Naked in bathtub with candles

In Tantra, sexual pleasure isn't limited to orgasm, to his ejaculation and her vaginal spasms. The whole body becomes a source ofextreme pleasure and deep sensations when sex is performed sensually.

In other words, we can enjoy mor prolonged sex... if we go about it with a different attitude and view it more as an art than as a physical activity, an art that requires knowledge of certain patterns, and above all, the guidance of a woman who can take you to a peak of extreme pleasure...

Apart from helping you attain a state of balance and thus free you of the tensions that stress causes, tantric sex can also includes:

Tantric exercises
  • Breathing exercises
  • Exercises to help control ejaculation
  • Exercises to help with impotence, frigidity and premature ejaculation

To sum it up, tantric sex is a marvellous experience that opens the door to discovering more about this infinite universe and source of energy which lives inside us: sex!

If you would like more information about this subject, please just write me an email and we can arrange a fascinating encounter, full of pleasure and ecstasy, where you or, if you prefer, you and your partner, are the main characters. Remember, sex is a meeting of souls.


I recommend these books (in Spanish): TANTRA PARA MUJERES by Rosa Mª Zabala and TANTRA PARA OCCIDENTALES by Ricardo Daulah.

Titfucking (read more...)


I have a generous bosom... cup E to be precise! And large, protruding nipples that have often been compared with acorns, as sensitive as your penis or your clitoris. That's why I can offer you - and enjoy - sex with my breasts

In Germany it's called Spanish Massage, in Spain it's called Cuban Wank, in other countries it's known as Russian Wank, French Massage, Swedish Massage... call it as you will, a good titfuck is one of the more enjoyable ways of having sex and take advantage of these big tits of mine.

I'll rub oil or some of my spit onto my breasts, then put your stiff dick between them and slowly massage you, holding it tightly... then I'll give your penis a lick every now and then, and caress your shaft with the large nipples nature gave me... you go wild with desire and tighten up your bum, swinging forward as I fuck you with my tits, licking and sucking you. I'll hold your dick, beat your dick with my tits... you're about to cum as you feel my nipples brush you...

Kissing (read more...)

Kisses (especially with tongue!) play an important role in human sexual foreplay... Some experts offer very graphic information about this exquisite form of courtship.

"When two people kiss, a complex exchange of chemical signals takes place. Subconscious mechanisms are triggered by kissing, which aim to ascertain our genetic compatibility and reproductive viability with the person we are kissing"
According to Gordon Gallup, professor and psychologist, who also states that there are many forces that can connect two people romantically.

Making contact with the lips provides neurological stimulation and enhances the brain's response to the hormones oxytocin, dopamine and adrenalin, which all produce many effects on the body. The presence of oxytocin, a hormone related to maternal love, labour pains, birth and sexual attraction, in the bloodstream can provoke diverse reactions, like increased sweating, influence erection of the penis and engorgement of the clitoris. Dopamine produces a feeling of well-being. Adrenalin (also known as epinephrine or adrenaline) induces changes in areterial pressure, blood sugar levels, and heart rhythm, as well as increasing alertness and flushing of the skin.

It goes without saying that for us to engage in this exchange of bodily fluids we both have to show adequate oral hygiene...

Here's some other types of kiss I can show you....:

  • Snowballing
  • Rimming/ "green" kiss

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